Beard Care

Treat Your Beard Right with Our Beard Balm and Beard Care Kit

The secret to amazing beard care is our beard balm. Our beard balm is made from a base of 100% cold-pressed coconut oil which is as good for your beard as it is for the environment. We are committed to taking care of your beard just as we are taking care of the environment. Our beard balm is made with all natural ingredients and has never been tested on animals. Why risk your mane to shady chemicals and ingredients lists that are a mile long? Treat your beard right and it will take care of you right back.


Our beard balm is the key to a styling beard. We’ve all seen beard that have had better days. Whether they lose their shape, look frizzy, or are just out of control, beard balm can correct the course.


After you’ve cleaned, dried, and applied beard oil, massage some balm into your beard. This not only takes care of your beard, but adds some style. Nothing can elevate a man’s look quite like getting that mane in line. A little balm goes a long way to reshaping your facial hair and helping you to look your best.


Best of all, our beard balm is made with our special fragrance blend. This aroma will chase away any funk your beard might have picked up throughout the day and make sure that whoever gets close enough to smell it will be wanting to stay that close.


If you only ever try one product for your beard, start with our beard balm to add style, hydration, and a clean look to your beard.